Graphic Design

Graphic Design Faculty

  • Tyler Galloway, associate professor and chair of graphic design

    Tyler Galloway is a graphic designer interested in activist uses of design as a catalyst for individual, social and political change...Read More.
  • Jamie Koval, Joyce C. Hall Distinguished Professor of Design

    For nearly 30 years, Jamie Koval’s career has been steeped in design leadership, brand consulting and advocacy. As a partner with VSA...Read More
  • Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

    Michael Kidwell is a designer with a unique professional history that includes industrial and graphic design experience in both...Read More
  • Marty Maxwell Lane, assistant professor

    Marty Maxwell Lane is a graphic designer, educator and researcher. Her active role in the design community, with contributions to...Read More
  • Paul Diamond, lecturer

    Paul Diamond is co-founder and co-creative director of DMH in...Read More
  • Lee Ernst, lecturer

      Lee Ernst is a graphic designer who embraces both the digital and analog worlds. After many years in agency and...Read More
  • Kelly Ludwig, visiting instructor

    After graduating from the University of Kansas, Kelly Ludwig began designing professionally in 1982. Ludwig Design began first as a...Read More
  • Tom Morse-Brown, lecturer

      Tom Morse-Brown is a freelance graphic designer and a recent graduate of...Read More
  • Dan Padovic, lecturer

    Dan Padovic, who brings years of...Read More
  • Jamie Turpin, lecturer

      Jamie Turpin has spent her professional career as a project designer in Dallas and...Read More

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