Graphic Design

Graphic Design

The graphic design department goes beyond the traditional division between Web and print design to give students a cross-media skill set that adapts to context, audience and participant input. Our rigorous approach to audience research, theory and conceptual problem-solving will help to position you as a thought leader in your chosen field. Our students are exposed to professional practices, concepts and skills required to build rewarding careers.

As students move through the program sequence they enhance their visual, artistic and technical skills, develop habits of professionalism and collaboration, sharpen their written and spoken communication abilities, participate in internships and build their portfolio in preparation for starting their careers. Students choose internships that provide quality professional experience in real-world settings.

Students master a wide range of applications including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and more. Software knowledge is balanced with essential hand skills such as drawing, painting, collage, model-making and experimental processes.

A thorough grounding in typography is provided by a four-semester sequence in the core curriculum. Type is investigated from micro to macro through classic and experimental typography, complex typographic systems and letterpress experiences. Image-making skills are developed in a range of digital and hand processes, from photographic to non-traditional tools. Interactive electronic media are incrementally and fluidly integrated into all courses, and an upper-level three-course sequence focuses on sound, motion, narrative, multimedia and information architecture.

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Graphic Design Faculty

  • Laura Berman, professor of printmaking and acting chair of graphic design

    Laura Berman is a professor of printmaking and acting chair of graphic design at the Kansas City Art Institute, where she has...Read More
  • Kelly Ludwig, assistant professor and program head

    Kelly Ludwig has been designing professionally since graduating from the University of Kansas with a B.F.A. degree in visual...Read More
  • Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

    Michael Kidwell is a designer with a unique professional history that includes industrial and graphic design experience in both...Read More
  • Paul Diamond, lecturer

    Paul Diamond is co-founder and co-creative director of DMH in...Read More
  • Dan Padavic, lecturer

    Dan Padavic, who brings years of experience as a printmaker and designer, has printed work for various bands and musicians. In addition...Read More
  • Erika Goering, lecturer

    Erika Goering is a user-experience designer and information architect in emerging technologies, focusing mainly on Web and mobile app...Read More
  • Emmy Rice, visiting assistant professor

      Emmy Rice started her teaching career at a high school in Marseille, France, and has spent the past five years teaching...Read More
  • Martin Venezky, Joyce C. Hall Distinguished Professor of Design

    Martin Venezky first gained renown in 1995 for the design of Speak magazine. With his firm Appetite Engineers, Venezky  continues...Read More

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