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Class descriptions

Substance, Structure and Sculptural Metaphor 

Rubber, resins, handmade paper and inventive alternative material combinations will be used in a sculptural context. These soft, flexible skins, membranes or masses will be formed in conjunction with structural armatures of steel or wood, for example. Drawing and research will be employed as sculptural tools for students to investigate meaning and metaphor in sculpture. Students will engage autonomous objects, installations and site structure.

Material and Processes II

Materials and Processes II is the continuation of the sculpture program with special emphasis on development of ideas and skills. The course will engage sculptural clay processes, firing kilns, mold making, casting and alternative approaches (traditional and non-traditional) to the making of sculpture. Individual attention will be given to students’ special needs relative to their previous program experience. 

Sense and Sensibility 

This elective is a studio/seminar class that centers on ideas and concepts co-taught by sculpture faculty members. Students are encouraged to draw from their major studio curriculum and experiment with new sculptural concepts, which are intended to improve their research analysis and interpretative skills. The dynamics of the class will be based on one-on-one discussions and group critiques. 

Advanced Materials and Processes

This is a studio class that is based in materials and processes. The two distinct processes and materials will be concurrently demonstrated and evaluated over the semester.

Sculpture Elective for Non-Majors

The sculpture elective course is a survey of basic sculptural materials and techniques. Special emphasis varies according to staff. Currently, metal fabrication and casting is the starting point. Students are encouraged to explore mixed media materials from their own major area (painting, fiber, ceramics, etc.) in conjunction with metal fabrication and casting workshops.

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