Artspace Alumni

Since the Artspace opened on Nov. 13, 1999, it has worked with a number of young, enthusiastic students as interns and gallery assistants. Their contributions to the Artspace programs have been real and inspiring. As Artspace alumni, they have gone on to infiltrate the art world and creative community at large. 

Heather Anaker
John Berry
Audra Brandt
Bryan Brock
Shenequa Brooks
Nathan Bunch
Bruce Campbell
Vanessa Carrillo
Jake Cartwright
Wilfredo Codilla
Genevieve da’Silva
Ashley Daugherty
Lauren deLand
Burak Duvenci
Derric Eady
Andrew Erdrich
Ben Estes
Todd Grieve
Kim Hallisey
Robert Heishman
Andrea Hickerson
Matt Jacobs
Molly Kaderka
Calder Kamin
Krystal Kuhn
Ryan Laferney
Skye Livingstone
Ashley Lucas
Alyssa Lundgren
Quinn Mahler
Megan Mantia
Amalia Marino
Owen Martin
Mae McCurry
Becky McFarland
Sarah Faye McPherson
Brendan Meara
William Meier
Anne Muntges
Sara Murphy
Diana Newport
Jordan Nickel
Cory O'Connell
Jared Panick
Chelsea Perry
Jesse Ring
Frances Rivera
Jaclyn Senne
Paul Smith
Anita Stone
Amber Thomas
Jaimie Warren
Jake Wiens