2008 Exhibitions

"Selections from the Collection: Limited Edition Artist Books and Rare Prints from the Kansas City Art Institute Permanent Collection"

Feb. 23–April 5

“Selections from the Collection: Jesse Howard –– Fear Itself”   

Feb. 23–April 5

Curated by Michael Schonhoff, assistant curator

Jesse Clyde Howard (1885-1983) a self-taught artist expressed deeply-held perceptions of tension and irony in American social, political, and religious culture, in works that reflect an explicit point of view. Using paint, graphite, wood, metal and other found materials he created an elaborate environment of signs and objects, installed in and around his homestead in Fulton, Missouri. Combining word, image, and objects Howard’s installations presented a litany of polemical thoughts from the mid 20th century.  This exhibition featured nine works by the Missouri folk artist.