Work Study Opportunities

Looking for some extra work to help pay for school? Check out these opportunities!  Click on the link to read the job description you are interested in.

Work Study Job Descriptions by Department

AACS-Academic Advising & Career Services

Marketing Coordinator-Closed
Office Worker-Closed
AACS Assistant-Closed

Academic Affairs

Office Worker-Closed
Visiting Artists Coordinator Assistant-Closed


General Office Assistant-Closed
Tour Ambassador-Will issue email "call for applications" at the beginning of Spring semester

Advancement/Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations and Development Assistant-Closed
Special Events-Graphic Design Specialist 1-Closed
Special Events-Graphic Design Specialist 2
Advancement Assistant

Art Store

Mailroom and Art Store Clerk-Closed

Central Shop

Custodian - Closed
Student Technician Trainee - Closed
Student Technician - Closed


Chair, Blog, Collection and Archive Assistant-Closed
Clay and Plaster Room Assistant-Closed
Design Assistant-Closed
Elective Assistant-Closed
Glass Assistant-Closed
Glaze and Firing Development Assistant-Closed
Glaze Room Assistant-Closed
Kiln Room Assistant-Closed
Materials Reclaim Assistant-Closed
Sophomore Assistants-Closed
Technical/Custodial Assistant-Closed


Design Intern-Closed

CPS-Continuing and Professional Studies

CPS Assistant-Closed
CPS Office Assistant-Closed
Design Intern-Closed
Teaching Assistant

DSAS-Disability Services/ Academic Support

Office Worker-Closed
Writing Lab Tutor


Dye and Print Lab Studio-Closed
Sewing Room Monitor-Closed
Special Projects-Closed
Weaving Room & Gallery Monitor 


Chair and Table Wrangler & Sweeper-Closed
Digital Studio Aide-Closed
Door Monitor Supervisor-Closed
Door Monitor-Closed
Office Assistant 1-Closed
Office Assistant 2-Closed
Teacher Assistant-Closed

Graphic Design

Letterpress Assistant-Closed
Studio Monitor-Closed
Newsletter Editor-Closed

H&R Block Artspace

Gallery Assistant-Closed


Studio Monitor-Closed

Liberal Arts

Office Assistant-Closed
Research Assistant-Closed


Assistant to Serials and Archives Clerk-Closed
Computer Lab Technician-Level 1-Closed
Computer Lab Technician-Level 2-Closed
Computer Lab Technician-Level 3-Closed
Student Assistant-Level 1-Closed
Student Assistant-Level 2-Closed
Student Assistant-Level 3-Closed

Media Center

Media Center Clerk-Closed


Assistant to the Chair-Closed
Computer Lab Monitor-Closed
Computer Lab Supervisor-Closed
Curatorial Assistant-Closed
Office Assistant-Closed
Department Technician-Closed
Gallery Installation Team-Closed

Photography, Digital Film, Animation & Digital Media

Plant Services

Office Worker-Closed

Print Center

Print Center Associate


Etching-Relief Assistant-Closed
Letterpress Set-Up Assistantt-Closed
Letterpress-Equipment Maintenance Assistantt-Closed
Lithography Assistant-Closed
Silkscreen Assistant- Closed


Office Worker-Closed
Lead Student Worker-Closed


Office Assistant-Closed
Studio Assistant
Studio Monitor

Student Achievement

Office Assistant-Closed

Student Affairs

Event Staff-Closed
Office Assistant-Closed


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Explore the KCAI Viewbook

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Virtual Advisor

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