Student profile: Nevena Durlova

Nevena Durlova, a graduate of the animation department at KCAI, talks about her experiences as an animation major.

PCAL - What's it like?

Students describe their experience during Pre-College ArtLab, a three-week summer residential program for high school students from all over the country.

A how-to session on kiln-fired glass

Ceramics professor George Timock talks about his class on kiln-fired glass.

Electronic game design

 Within the electronic game design concentration of the digital media major, students work on a wide range of gaming assests including characters, vehicles and environments.

Motion graphics

 Motion graphics takes 2-D graphic design to the next level by incorporating 3-D layering, motion, film and sound. Given a simple theme, students are tasked with developing dynamic graphic...

Ceramics at KCAI

Cary Esser, professor and chair of the ceramics department at KCAI, talks about the college's ceramic program.

Art history lecture at KCAI (02:25)

Professor Michele Fricke lectures on art and architecture in Renaissance Italy and, in this brief excerpt, shares a description of what it's like to paint with bistre ink.

Printmaking at KCAI

Zoe Pedziwaitr, a senior in the printmaking department at KCAI, talks about her experiences in the college's printmaking program.

Graphic design at KCAI

Josh Eithun, a senior in the graphic design department, talks about this experiences as a student in the college's graphic design program.

Painting at KCAI

Warren Rosser, William T. Kemper Distinguished Professor and chair of the painting department, talks about what it's like to study painting at KCAI.

West 18th Street Fashion Show 2009

KCAI student, Rachel Rolon (junior, fiber), alumni Sovannra Yos ('09 fiber), Joscelyn Himes and Ari Fish ('06 ceramics) and instructors Georgianna Londre Buchanan and Peggy Noland...

Creative Defiance: The Art of the Holocaust (62:36)

Art of the Holocaust demands answers to questions that arrest the heart and soul and challenge our basic assumptions about ourselves and the human experience.

Focusing primarily on art...

What Was Dan Brown Thinking (48:54)

In 2003, Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" was published, preceded by the 2001 book, "Angels and Demons." In both books, the author placed his protagonist, the Harvard...

Illustration at KCAI

Steve Mayse, professor and head of the illustration department, talks about the illustration program at KCAI.