Things to See + Do

One of the most important things for prospective students to know about Kansas City is how welcoming it is to art and design students. The number of art galleries in Kansas City that offer student exhibitions, internships and opportunities to meet acclaimed artists rivals that of any city in the country.

At KCAI, your learning laboratory extends beyond campus to world-class museums, beautiful parks and a thriving arts corridor.

Kansas City is alive with art, dance, theater, eclectic local attractions, international events and music of all kinds, including jazz, for which Kansas City is famous. A few blocks north and west of the campus is the historic Westport neighborhood–home to restaurants and local coffeehouses. Also the city’s best vintage clothing shops can be found along nearby on 39th Street.

It’s easy to bike around campus or the city. One of the many rental bike stations located throughout the metro can be found just a block away from the school.

Below are links to websites with more information about things to see and do in Kansas City.