KCAI History & Overview

Welcome to KCAI, where the spirit of exploration, curiosity, and passion defines our educational journey. From a humble home-based Sketch Club, KCAI now thrives as a private institution providing immersive studio experiences and shaping passionate students into visionary creators, creative problem solvers, and global citizens.

We have a vast network of successful alumni, boast a faculty of practicing artists, and offer students real-world experiences through internships and local business partnerships.

KCAI welcomes community engagement through events, public amenities, and two on-campus galleries presenting innovative exhibitions.

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Dr. Ronald Knight-Beck

Vice President of Administration



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When does KCAI host major events?

KCAI hosts esteemed art events throughout the year where students, faculty, and alumni display and sell their creative works. These events are wonderful opportunities to support the KCAI community and acquire unique art. Check out our Events Calendar for more info. Highlights include the bi-annual End of Semester Exhibition + Sale, ArtPop and Art & Design Auction.

Where can I find exhibition and gallery information?

H&R Block Artspace and KCAI Gallery present innovative exhibitions, conversations, public programs, and commissioned projects that explore the artists, art, and ideas of our time. Engaging, educating, and inspiring the next generations of artists and designers.

Are community members able to visit KCAI’s campus?

Visitors and community members are welcome on campus to explore outdoors, galleries and the following spaces. Assistance is available at the main administration building.

  1. KCAI Gallery: Center for Contemporary Practice
  2. H&R Block Artspace
  3. The Underground: KCAI Art Supply Store.
  4. Café Nerman: Coffee shop.
  5. Jannes Library & Learning Center: KCAI library and archives.

Can I take a virtual tour of the campus?

Yes, you can explore the campus virtually anytime. Visit our virtual tour page for an interactive map and hear first-hand accounts from the KCAI community.

Is there a campus map available?

Our campus map is available online, detailing event venues and facilities geared toward visitors.

Where can I find current admissions details?

Our admissions information is frequently updated. Visit our Admissions + Financial Aid page for the latest deadlines and requirements.

Is there funding available for KCAI education?

Absolutely! 100% of KCAI students benefit from scholarships and grants. Check our Scholarships + Grants page for further insights.

How can students work with local businesses?

KCAI fosters many partnerships within Kansas City. Our Sponsored Studio program creates partnerships with local businesses to provide unique educational experiences for students while also assisting business partners with a fresh approach to their research and development, creative communications, and business challenges.

How does KCAI support off-campus studies and cultural experiences?

KCAI works with diverse partners to provide internships while our Professional Practice Center holds 2 career fairs each year with 20-25 local and national companies.

Student Enrollment

Our talented students come from across the country and around the world to study at KCAI. We are proud that 100% of students receive financial assistance through scholarships, grants, loans, student employment, and other financial aid programs. KCAI offers 13 studio majors taught by award winning faculty who are professional artists, designers and scholars. Learn more about KCAI Academics.

Below: Student Enrollment by Department, Fall 2023

Student Enrollment by Department, Fall 2023 graphicStudent Enrollment by Department, Fall 2023 graphic

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