Learning Outcomes

Through multiple lenses of history and art history, philosophy and literature, creative writing, and the sciences, KCAI’s liberal arts program provides you with the kind of intellectual, civic, and aesthetic grounding that is both meaningful and lasting.  “Chance,” said Pasteur, “favors the prepared mind.”

We offer our students a liberal arts education with no expiration date

  • Small classes
  • An accomplished faculty—practitioners themselves in their respective disciplines
  • An opportunity for innovative student work grounded in fundamentals
  • A mutually-supportive thoroughfare between liberal arts and studio practices

Students can double their career possibilities

  • Major or Double-Major in art history
  • Major or Double-Major in creative writing
Every single professor is an expert in their field. They proved to me how necessary a broad education is in a world where a highly- specialized education is more often made a priority. Now I have four years of conversations to return to and build upon in my research and studio practice.

Molly Dillon ('15 Creative Writing & Painting)


Liberal Arts Classes

Liberal Arts courses at KCAI bring a unique worldview to the artist's perspective. To learn about some of the specific courses that fulfill liberal arts requirements, view the

Course Catalog

Lower division required core courses:

  • Art Historical Studies I
  • Art Historical Studies II
  • Critical Studies I
  • Critical Studies II
  • Writing Seminar

Upper division required electives:

  • Art History
  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • The Sciences

Find detailed course descriptions and the complete set of Liberal Arts elective courses in our Liberal Arts section of the Course Catalog.


Robert Cohon

Erin Dahl

Kenan Dannenberg

Deborah Dickson

Cody Dye

Sarah Dyer

Ben Furnish

Kara Heitz

Stuart Hinds

Anton Jacobs

Neill Kennedy

Aaron Long

Hui Wang Martin

Marcus Myers

Sharon Reeber

Adam Rollins

Karen Staehling

John Elizabeth Stintzi

Tracie Whiting Kipper

Loren Whittaker

Morey Williams