Leonard Pryor Fellowship

Among the goals outlined in IDEAS were attracting, retaining, and supporting faculty from underrepresented groups and providing IDEAS-focused opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. To help support this need, KCAI has created the Leonard Pryor Fellowship to be awarded to an artist or designer whose background and art or design practice will help to foster and support a more inclusive community at the college.

IDEAS Council Members

tyler galloway – Facilitator

Eleanor Lim-Midyett, Lisa Maione – Diversity Working Group co-chairs

Miguel Rivera – Diversity Working Group

Michael Schonhoff - Director of KCAI Gallery

Malisha Meador - Office Coordinator & Technology Specialist

Allegra Eccles - ('24 Graphic Design)

Babs O'Halloran - ('24 Printmaking)

Lucinda Hodges - ('25 Illustration & Creative Writing)


The Nerman Family President's Statement on SB134

As the Missouri General Assembly considers legislation to censor early discussions of gender identity in K-12 public education settings, I want to affirm that KCAI strongly condemns any legislation that marginalizes the LGBTQ+ community. We oppose all discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation and believe that Missouri Senate Bill 134 puts students at risk for depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I understand first-hand the toll discrimination can take, and this bill sends an alarming message to already vulnerable youth. Although it is aimed at K-12 schools, it sets a dangerous precedent for all levels of education, and we must stand together to voice our opposition.

At KCAI, we are committed to protecting all students and giving them a safe place to learn and thrive. We are united in creating a place of refuge, dedicated to inclusivity and equality.

Ruki Neuhold-Ravikumar
The Nerman Family President